• All products of the Biscay Group are designed and manufactured based on the latest scientific standards of the day.
  • The production of FRP fittings during the buyer's preferred time in one piece and in loop mode or LOOP
  • Increase tensile strength by at least double steel
  • Increase compressive strength up to twice the steel
  • Possibility of bending and angle in products according to the buyer's requirements (unpunched and unpunched joints)
  • Possibility to manufacture polymer and composite components such as bacterial culture tanks, mixer tank containers and mixer pump (resistant to acid and gamma environments)
  • Possibility of making electro-winning electrolysis cells, types of springs, impeller shells, linders, cooling cylindrical and cubic shapes in demand dimension (resistant to acidic environments and games)
  • Possibility to install and repair all polymer parts and composite plates
  • Implementation of industrial and construction coatings including various types of FRP coatings
  • Production of antioxidant coatings for industrial use
  • Epoxy three dimensional coatings for building applications
  • Production of composite materials at the highest possible quality level


  • 5th Floor, No.19 Dezhamju Str. Kamraniyeh, Tehran, Iran
  • info@biskagroup.com
  • +98 (21) 2282 3363
  • +98 (21) 2282 3360
  • +98 (21) 2282 3393

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