• All composite products of this manufacturing group, at the request of the buyer, and according to the type of use and the amount of expertise and maintenance level of the buyer company with more than 50 years of quality guarantee and engineering insurance. Here's a brief introduction of two partner companies in this industry group
  • All after-sales services, including the installation, testing, and commissioning of FRP composite structures, are provided by the Biscay Manufacturing Group.
  • Reinforcement of concrete and metal structures that are subject to erosion and destruction for any reason.


  • 5th Floor, No.19 Dezhamju Str. Kamraniyeh, Tehran, Iran
  • info@biskagroup.com
  • +98 (21) 2282 3363
  • +98 (21) 2282 3360
  • +98 (21) 2282 3393

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