راه ابریشم

The importance of ways and means of communicating in the collective human life is obvious, and the growth and excellence of human civilization has been directly linked to the roads. The importance of the roads to the extent that the cultural level of each region and its development can be determined by considering its remoteness or its proximity to the roads.
Iranians have played a leading role in building ancient artifacts and, in order to run their country, they have created very accurate and accurate communication means, whose spectacular examples are the “road”, the “Silk Road”.

راه شاهی

To the best of history, the “Shah’s path” is the first independent way created in ancient times, and since it did not go through the cities, the insurgents and countrymen could not use it to achieve their goal.

راه های ایران

Nowadays, roads known as the flow of a country are looking for the advancement of technology and industry and increasing its importance, the need for ways to quickly and securely move humans and goods by light and heavy cars more than before Therefore, it is felt that different ways have been defined with different uses, which are referred to below:

The freeway is a large and wide road, free of intersections, railroad crossings and pedestrian lines, which are made up of cities and are not cut in the distance between the two cities to bypass the middle table. The highway is the main road between two points, which may be of a road, highway or freeway type.Urban Road:
Includes highways, arterial roads, streets and alleys within the legal boundaries of the city, which is often the responsibility of the city municipality to construct, repair and maintain it.
City road:
The types of communication routes outside the city that connect two or more towns or villages across the country that are built outside the legal area of ​​cities and villages and are built and maintained by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development are referred to as Includes the following ways.Wide Wayside:
A way with a total width of 13.30 meters is two-way with at least two passageways with a 3.65 meter wide cabin for the passageway and width of the shoulders of the sand or its asphalt is 2 in 3 meters.
Ordinary main way:
A road with a total width of 11 meters, built according to the map and the main road profile. The width of the asphalt is 7.30 m and the shoulder width is 1.85 m or 2 in 2 m.Wide subway:
A road with a width of 7 m and a shoulder width of 1 m 2, which links the population centers and production within an area, is part of its internal network and usually acts as two-way two-way.
First class way:
A road with a width of 6.5 m asphalt and a shoulder width of 2 at 0.75 with at least two crossings with a pavement with a width of 3.25 meters for each line plus side shoulders, with a total width of 8 meters, sandy or paved.
Second Degree Second Way:
A road with a sandy or asphalt line, with a 5.5 meter rider and sandwich width of 0.75.
Rural road:
It refers to the way that links the centers of rural production to one another and connects them to the main ways of the country.

A one way communication path between the two points chosen to move from one point to another point, such as the Tehran-Karaj axis or the Karaj-Tehran axis.


Considering the importance of the ways and the cost of building and maintaining them, the need for high durability and high safety products is felt more than ever, hence the engineers, in addition to using new methods and equipment in the construction of roads Looking for products to go with them to address these needs, among which the most important of these products can be called composite.

Composites, according to the amazing features, have been able to make significant contributions to improving the performance and safety of the roads, including:
• High flexibility
• High fatigue resistance
• High Pressure Resistance (Min equivalent to Steel)
• High tensile strength (at least double steel)
• Does not oxide and does not ring
• Integrated shaping and production capabilities
• Has a designer’s steady color
• Long service life
• Very low weight
• Carriage and convenient transportation
• Reduce construction and maintenance costs

These features have led to less engineers go to traditional products to build and design roads in advanced countries, and more than composite products in the construction of roads.


Old and traditional products such as steel, on the one hand, due to oxidation and rust, weight gain, low fatigue and shock resistance, and non-resiliency in crashes and reduced safety, on the other hand, have a low useful life, increasing the cost of rebuilding And it is restored that is not cost effective.

کف سازی راه

One of the important parts of any road or road construction is that depending on the type of soil, there should be special arrangements and design so that the road surface will suffer from collisions and fractures due to loads brought by light and heavy vehicles. One of these is the use of reinforced concrete. In the past, steel reinforced concrete was used for reinforcing concrete, due to the oxidation of steel into concrete and the destruction of reinforced concrete strength, which led to a reduction in its efficiency and failure, hence according to the characteristics Composite products replace researchers and engineers with steel making so that they can achieve better results from their designs and reduce the cost of repair and reconstruction projects.


Garlic is one of the parts used on roads and roads to make composites.
According to the definition of Guerrilles, sidewalks and roads are said to prevent vehicle exits and collapse in the abyss and prevent road accidents and losses. Other use of the Guerrillas is to separate traffic from different directions on a highway. Various types of these shades are produced, such as two-wave guards and three waves and concrete shields, the same as New Jersey.


In the past, the construction of two-wave and three-wave wires by their own steel was one of the disadvantages of roads, which in many accidents caused serious and irreparable damage to vehicles and its occupants, but today engineers produce them by means of Composites have succeeded in minimizing these injuries because the composite has a much higher resilience and energy absorption than steel, and the production and installation of the composite has resulted in the operation of the vehicle as a single unit Scratch and do not cut off from the junction like steel carcasses, which only applies to them The accident caused the loss of many lives along with it.

Other properties of composite carriers that can be considered as non-oxidising and anti-rusting, these guard rails come to the customer’s color when they are produced in the factory, hence the permanent color of the lifetime They do not have to spend a lot of money on color.

سرعت گیر 2

Other parts that can be used to make composites are speed-grippers.
Speedboards, or a sandwich, or a speed breaker, are safety devices for roads and roads that use vertical deviations to help lower vehicle speeds for more safety.

سرعت گیر3

But after more than a century of building the world’s fastest-moving world, it’s essential to make a major change to their performance, so researchers have been looking for a good alternative to plastic-mounted plastic straps in the streets that can be industrialized in practice. Have

سرعت گیر هوشمند

The result of these studies was the construction of smartwheels, which in the interior of this smartwheel speed sensor consists of two main parts, and delivers intelligent performance by distinguishing between disciplined and offensive drivers. The performance of this speed-controller in the case of unauthorized vehicles such as standard speed-gates is an obstacle and in the face of vehicles with a speed of road clearance, in the body of the body, these speed-grips use a composite to be able to increase its strength against Different loads, including the pressure from the weight of vehicles, the friction force created by the wheels of the vehicle and the impact force, can increase its useful life and reduce other peripheral costs, such as painting, repairing and repairing it.


Also, by equipping the smartwatch with a remote control system for emergency vehicles, it is possible to remove the speedometer from the vehicles in emergency situations. The internal speed sensor system is designed in such a way that, in addition to unnecessary external energy consumption, it can generate power from the energy of passing vehicles. The flow of urban traffic and the ideal of passageways, helping to create traffic culture, reducing fuel consumption and air pollution, increasing vehicle life, passenger safety and well-being, long service life and high economic cost are among the other benefits. Smart Speedper


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