In many industrialized countries as well as developing countries, the role of composites in expanding the industries of these countries is very important and indisputable. Over the past decades, the construction of lightweight structures has grown widespread, and during this period the use of composite materials, including composite resin materials such as fiberglass, has increased dramatically in various industries, especially in the maritime industry.


Due to the unique properties of composites, its use, especially in the maritime industry, has boomed and attracted many insights. These properties include:
• Good mechanical properties
• High strength properties
• Lightness
• Scratch and impact corrosion resistance
• High natural frequency
• Superior ductility and easy working with them
• Suitable life against fatigue


Composite advantages in shipbuilding do not end there, and their use increases maneuverability, sustainability and cargo carrying capacity, and reduces costs such as fuel consumption, maintenance and maintenance.


For the first time, composites were used in the British maritime industry, while today most of the companies use composites in their structures and have reached the global ISO 2000 standard. Another important use of composites is to cover the walls and the floor for the parts that are important for protecting their fire. The first major use of the North Sea tonnage is the protection of a Helicopter Deck from the fire.


The M80 Stilletto ship, which is one of the largest naval-built US Navy ships, has a weight of 45 tons and can carry 20 tons of cargo, from a composite-made ship.


Another example is the Zumwalt ship with a distinctive design and powerful composite structure, not only because of its small size, but also because of its advanced hiding capabilities that hide it from the sight of any radar. The ship is able to carry 130 crew members in the body and 28 crew members in the upper part and is equipped with two advanced advanced 115mm weapon systems with Long Range Land Attack Projectiles, with a 117-kilometer power range three times more than the use samples The current one is in battle wars.


Due to its many properties and properties, it can be used to construct ditches with better functionality and performance than steel-made docks. Therefore, the first floating berth of all composites with dredgers Recreational and freight services were arranged in Karashemi Shayan Company and were distributed at Asalouyeh Petrochemical Complex.

This jetty is made in the form of a modular and a puzzle, so it is possible to move and reinstall it, as well as to change the dimensions of the structure there, as well as the possibility of dipping up to 20 meters with a weight of 15 tons.


Composite products that are resistant to slipping and corrosion without the need for maintenance of the Biscay Group can be used as bridges, docks, decks, park equipment, boat lifts, etc.


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