Today, airports, as one of the major revenue-generating centers in the state, in addition to accommodating passengers and loads at the highest possible level, are responsible for the transfer of assistance and equipment at the time of natural disasters, so they need to be designed in such a way as to minimize damage. At the time of the incident.
In general, the factors influencing airport construction for governments can be divided into several categories:
• Total cost of the project:
One of the most important parameters in deciding to build a project is the amount of costs necessary to build that project. Costs must be planned in such a way as to maximize the return on the projects and prevent it from being wasted.
• Project lifetime:
How long a project is able to provide the relevant service and services, and how much it costs to operate in the event of failures and failures, is important in calculating the profitability of a project.
• Safety:
Airports should be designed in such a way as to provide maximum safety to persons and goods, especially during natural disasters such as earthquakes. The structure shall be designed in such a way that it will minimize the damage at the time of the incident, so that it can provide service, if necessary, by means of the transfer of equipment and assistance.
• access:
The location of the airports should be selected in such a way as to provide the best possible access for the people of the community as little as possible, and the inappropriate location of governments would place heavy costs on transportation infrastructure.
• Beauty:
Effects and beauty of airports are a very important factor in the mechanism and attraction of tourism, increasing the attractiveness of tourism will increase government revenues and increase the strength and progress of a community.


These factors have led governments to move towards the research and development of modern technology, and has attracted many views with regard to the benefits of composites.
Among these benefits are the following:
• Very low specific gravity
• Strength to high weight
• High shelf life
• High tensile strength (at least twice as high as steel)
• High compressive strength (at least equal to steel)
• Corrosion resistance
• Resistance to oxidation and rust, with fixed colors
• Bending resistance
• Impact resistance
• Fatigue resistance
• Convenient transportation (no heavy machinery)
• High resistance to heat and wrinkles
• Build in custom designs as a piece
• Reduce the cost of building a project


Airports, which are usually built on vast areas, have two main building blocks (such as terminals, tower of care, parking lots, etc.) (airports, runways, light and heavy cars, etc.) Are included.


In the construction part of the airports, the design should be such that the structures, in addition to the beauty, display the best performance at the time of the occurrence of natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, etc. with the least possible cost and serious damage. Do not go
Countries like earthquakes like earthquakes in Iran are the dominant factor in design and the designs are designed in such a way that structures can be the best response to this power. The effective force of the earthquake is directly related to the weight of the structure and the use of lightweight products with high strength in the construction of structures can reduce the weight of the structure and thus reduce the effective force of the earthquake on the structure.


Composite products can be designed by engineers to reduce the weight of their structures without diminishing their resistance, due to the advantages mentioned (low specific weight, high strength to weight ratio), and the larger openings in the designs On the other hand, high compressive strength and elasticity, as well as proper bending tolerances in composite products, reduce the dimensions of the structural sections designed by the engineers and their better performance against the loads on the structure, while reducing the dead spaces in the design with small Create sections of the structure and create large openings and remove additional columns when designing Traditional Svlat take better advantage of the spaces provide structure.


This unique product with the ability to produce in the design and colors of the design engineers of different sizes and integrated design of structures with beautiful and eye-catching designs that will attract the eyes of any viewer and attract the tourist And tourism to the region.

Among the most important composite products used in the construction of airport structures, it is possible to refer to FRP rebar and chamotte, various I-section sections and polymer concrete.


The other part of the concrete, as mentioned above, is part of the road, and the runway is known as its most important part, as the smallest damage (the pit of the pit) may cause irreparable damage. Therefore, special regulations for They have taken into consideration the standards required to build it.


The runway as the heart of the airport complex is constantly affected by landing and taking off planes. These landings and take-offs, over time, cause fatigue at the gang level and, due to this load, fail after a while, as well as the use of old products Like steel bars, the steel can be oxidized and rusty to arming the concrete, these oxides flow through the concrete and reach its outer surface and eliminate the concrete, so after a while the steel and concrete reinforcement are gone Causing band destruction. Also, planes hit and bump into the surface when they ascend and sit on the surface and, by causing extreme heat, cause damage to the surface.


Due to the properties of the composite properties (oxidation resistance, fatigue resistance, high durability and high resistance to heat and shrinkage), the design engineers in the basin are concerned and to address these issues They use composites in their designs.


Composite not only improves the design of the structures but also reduces the cost of the projects, on the one hand, by increasing durability and reducing maintenance costs, and by reducing the number of forces employed at the site. Construction of the airport can prevent waste of money, as well as the lightness of composite products to transport them easily and without the need for heavy machinery and bring comfort and safety to the work force.


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