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Why FRP Composite?

With regards to specific traits of FRP(Fibre Reinforced Polymer )  and Polymer Concrete Composite materials  they are the most suitable replacement for metal ,wood and plastic in oil , gas, geomechanical project and petrochemical industry in most advanced industrial countries. applying the FRP composite will reduce the waste for national capital because of high corrosion  adversely environmental condition of metals in oil , gas and petrochemical industry .


* In the presence of high flame heat   Not to be

* Electrical resistance to electrical current

* High resistance to UV rays and rays   Magnetic

Design Feature

* Production of any product with mechanical, physical, chemical and geometric characteristics of the buyer * Product design as a piece (without connection) in the size and length desired by the buyer

Technical justification- economic

*Increasing the speed of structural implementation. * Increasing the static and dynamic strength of the structure.
* High useful life. - Reducing the number of workers. - Low maintenance costs. - Reducing waste in work.
*Need Lighter Machines For Directions  Switching to
*Improve the safety of the workshop environment and reduce workforce damage

FRP Advantages

Mechanical specification

* No stress submission (roughly elastic behavior   Complete until the stage of failure
* Resistant to fatigue  Young's modulus is between 60 to 15 Gigas Pascal
* Increase the structural elasticity characteristic
* Resistance at least 2 times the steel
* Compressive strength is at least equal to steel

Convenient storage and handling

* Convenient and inexpensive shipping * Easy storage without erosion.

* Fast and comfortable shipping

Physical and chemical properties

* Very low weight (at least half  
* High Flexibility
* Resistant Impact
* Rust resistant + * Non-corrosive in acidic environments    Gameplay
* Reduces sound and environmental pollution    An environment when used on the site

Our Products


Industries in which FRP is used

Engineering Services

Consultation on mechanical, physical, chemical, and geometric properties according to the type of user and operating conditions of the buyer.

Design and production

Consultation on the design of civil and military structures with composite materials

Analysis Services

All composite products produced by this group, according to the type of usage and the level of expertise and maintenance level of the buyer, have more than 50 years of quality guarantee and, if the buyer requests, will provide engineering insurance.


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